• Lindsey Anderson

Alyssa & Tyler | The Bentley | Wyandotte, MI

Last weekend I got to be part of the truest of Michigan weddings, from sunshine to sprinkles, and thunderstorms to freezing rain, Alyssa and Tyler got a little bit of everything this indecisive state has to offer on their special day. I met Tyler at the home of one if his best friends with all his groomsmen, surprisingly they were all dressed, ready, and excited for the day. The boys were busy sharing stories and playing video games. Meanwhile Alyssa and her girls were already at The Bently, sipping champagne and getting into their dresses.

Just as we headed out to the park where Tyler and Alyssa would see each other for the first time, the storm clouds rolled in. Tyler stood under a tall oak tree and waited for his beautiful bride, needless to say he was not disappointed, Alyssa looked absolutely stunning. While no bride wants it to rain during their outdoor wedding Alyssa handled it with laughter and smiles. The sprinkles even added a bit of romance I am sure these two won't soon forget.

When the lightning started to streak across the sky we headed inside to an absolutely beautifully decorated venue, where we listened to heartwarming speeches from, Jennifer, Tyler's twin and Alyssa's best friend, and Cody, Tyler's right hand man. The best of the night was filled with dancing and overwhelming joy. I am so thankful I got to know these wonderful people and wish them many many happy years together!

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